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, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> today arkansas passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country. >>> and later, we'll see if rand paul is still standing on the senator floor demanding that the obama administration do something that it has already done. that's coming up. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-up
court before they make changes to their election law, such federal enforcement was responsible for sweeping away poll taxes and other obstacle to voting in the past. critics say it's no longer necessary. are they right? we're back with dan henninger and jason riley and wall street journal senior writer, colin levy joins the panel. colin, what is the core issue in this case? >> the core issue is that section 5 as you mentioned has historically had a successful way of equalizing, you know, basically black and white turnout. >> paul: right. >> and vote, and addressing that in the south. basically, just -- there isn't a need for it anymore. what happened 1965 voting rights act said that a number of southern states, nine southern states and parts of seven others needed to basically get pre clearance for any changes. >> paul: right. >> and those changes, if they happen, you know, the problems in those southern states just aren't existing. >> paul: section five applies only to some states, not others. and the question is, is it right under the constitution to still apply that kind of
the law. but, now, a justice on that same court says the voting rights act, a law passed to help undo the legacy of dread scott, is "a racial entitlement." we all know that efforts to restrict the vote are well-under way. in north carolina, house republicans are voting on a new voter id bill. in wisconsin, a new bill would limit the hours of a in-person absentee ballot. charges have been filed against two volters tied with the gop. that's right, voter fraud is real. it's just being committed by republicans. yes, we need to continue to have laws that will protect fairness and protect equal rights. why do we need the government to do these laws? because tchs bad laws the government did that caused the problem in the first place. government must undo what government did. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. blank blarng. >> beating around the bush. let's play "hardball.">> beatin. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. bush. how long have we heard that name in republican politics? bush.
and appropriate under the constitution and applicable laws of the united states for the president to authorize the militia tar to use lethal force within the territory of the united states. holder's response seems to crystallize, the worst fears of many of the administration's targeted killing policy. and the broad assertion of presidential power that undergirds. paul seized on that wednesday summarizing his exchange withholder on the floor. >> when i asked the president, you can kill an american on american soil, it should have been an easy answer. it's an easy question. it should have been a resounding and unequivocal no. the president's response, he hasn't killed anyone yet. we're supposed to be comforted by that. the president says i haven't killed anyone yet. he goes on to say, and i have no intention of killing americans. but i might. is that enough? are we satisfied by that? >> on thursday, attorney general holder responded to paul's filibuster by clarifying the administration's position. it's come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question, does the president have t
. today you issued a statement about former dea chiefs who are calling on president to nullify state laws. you said it's arrogant that these former dea chiefs encourage the president to full my state marijuana laws. the fact that these former dea chiefs are so focused on marijuana possession is why we have lost the war on drugs. congressman, if we lost the war on drugs what should federal policy be going forward? >> where states have legalized we ought to see how it works. how does possession, legalization work and what happens. then the other states can learn from it. you shouldn't nullify the people's voice. the people are the ultimate powers. when you have a referendum, i think it's wrong for these former dea heads to not realize that they were fighting a losing war. it's against crack heroin and cocaine, not marijuana. we spent too much time and money on marijuana, ruined too many lives who can't get jobs, couldn't get scholarships, federal housing and have a big red "m" on their chest for smokerring marijuana. that's not what america is about. those people were out of touch when they
, even though federal law still says it's illegal. the search for a pot czar, though, continues and there we go again, high interest in the position. >> dude! i love washington. >> reporter: where's my czar? as in marijuana consultant. in washington state after seminars and a lengthy search, they still haven't hired a marijuana advisor because they have been swamped with qualified applicants. the state liquor control board says it received 98 bids to become the consultant on implementing washington's landmark legalization of pot initiative 502. entrepreneurs are waiting for guidance. donte jones wants his business, green ambrosia, to become a 5200 square foot marijuana superstore. for now, jones sells only to customers with medical prescriptions. deadhead og, critical cush and amnesia haze. sales for recreational use become legal at the end of this year as a result of the ballot proposal's passage. >> the change in public perception since that november vote has been just dramatic. >> reporter: the marijuana consultant, law degree preferred, will advise on growing, transporting a
restrictive abortion law in the country. >>> and later, we'll see if rand paul is still standing on the senator floor demanding that the obama administration do something that it has already done. that's coming up. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depresse
or too bad to be true, i think, and the fact that you've got law enforcement saying that they cannot verify this points to, to me, to the many examples, not just at oberlin, i don't want to single out my alma mater, but it's happene many, many times over the decades where things are hatched by progressives who are trying to prove that institutional racism exists in their lives when really, the racism comes from these leftists who are segregating the kids and raising their race consciousness in a very poisonous way. >> megyn: i want to tell the viewers, according to the guardian, the lieutenant from the oberlin police says the only witness to the alleged kkk sighting may have been mistaken. they could not verify the claims and arrested two students, but police say it's unclear if it was motivated by racial hatred or if they just wanted to make a commentary on free speech. there is a bit of a leaping to conclusions. i mean, people get, you know -- it evokes a viceral reaction when you see the n-word and the f-word and hear about somebody wearing a kkk robe walking by the african center
sell here. >> the gun companies cannot be sued for that. congress in 2005 passed a specific law to give gun companies immunity from lawsuits for how they're products get used. that is not on the agenda to get discussed? however he talks about protecting your family at the end of the world, the fight against gun reform is about the gun makers that fund the nra. it is all about protecting the gun makers from becoming the focus themselves. the court is very important. the nominee is named caitlin halligan, and she is widely seen as qualified for the job. this is why they blocked the nomination. quoting senate republicans, in new york versus sterman ruger, miss halligan argued to uses of hand gun used in the state. attempting to hold gun manufacturers liable. they will not be held liable for the products they sell, and they will not argue that publicly. they have the nra to do it for them, and they stay in the shadows. at bottom this is them protecting themselves. it is heat shield politics, and they got held accountable and >> last year paul ryan was dreaming of having walking working lunc
unemployment rate of the obama's presidency. osama bin laden's son-in-law faces charges in a new york city courtroom near ground zero. critics say there's a et abouter way to bring him to justice. >>> and justin bieber's on-stage health scare. an ending to a bad week. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." wall street just closed another record-setting day with the dow jones industrials hitting a new all-time high. this after the release of the february jobs numbers that were much better than so many of the analysts expected. america's unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that's the lowest level since december 2008, the month before president obama took office. the u.s. economy added 236,000 jobs last month. that's almost double the new hires in january. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. >> the markets are happy about it. the dow, wolf, continues to make history. the strong jobs report fueling the dow. today's close marks the fourth straight all-time high this week. these bulls, they just keep on running. look at the dow. it's now 200 points above the initial high we we
laws against gun trafficking appears to be gaining momentum in congress. the committee will meet today to mark up four bills aimed to reduce gun violence. among them, a piece of legislation to make it a federal crime for a person barred from owning a gun to purchase a firearm. also under proposal, reasonable cause to believe that a firearm will be used in a criminal act but make the sale anyway would be punished. meanwhile, talks aimed at requiring more background checks fell apart this week. a new quinnipiac poll shows many want background checks. >>> a deadly lion attack at a private animal sanctuary in california. 24-year-old intern diana hanson was killed by a 4-year-old african lion named kus kus after entering the animal's enclosure. she was one of the two volunteers at the survival cat haven east of fresno. deputies were later forced to shoot and kill the lion after failing to lure him into another area of the park. california's department of fish and wildlife are unaware of state regulations prohibiting an employee from going inside an animal's pen and they are looking into wha
: a tale of two states." it's about how tougher laws are forcing californians to buy guns in nevada. >>> the oakland tribune has the story new law has schools scram j for supplies. it's about a new california law banning school fees for classroom items and activities and requiring students to bring their own materials needed for school. the law was created after the state was sued over the fees. california's constitution guarantees the right to a free public education. >>> income inequality in america has received renewed attention with president obama's push for a higher minimum wage. that proposal has been roundly opposed by republicans who say it will kill jobs. but my next guest argues in a new op-ed the gop should lead the charge against inequality with major tax reforms and investing in our infrastructure. joining me now is sheila bair, former share woman of the fdic and offer of "bull by the horns." sheila, a welcome i tell you i love the title of your op-ed. you add one vowel and it changes everything. i love that. with party to parody. you're argument really focuses on how
proposals to jump crow laws. according to the president star parker, the video is intend tay remind people that a time once existed when african-americans were unable to defend themselves because of certain anti-gun measures. this ad is called "never again" and is already sparking a great deal of controversy. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> that's a very powerful statement, we will no doubt continue to cover this important debate in the days and weeks ahead right here on this program. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is standing by to go on the record. greta take it away. thanks for being with us. >> tonight, politics and pain. who will the sequester hurt most? >> in order for obama to win this sequester argument, there has to be pain. >> eventually, a lot of people are going to feel some pain. >> the american people have to experience pain in their daily lives. >> because the pain will be real. >> they want to inflict the most pain possible on the most people possible rather than going after the waste
the laws can remain, but cannot obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship. here is jeb bush, on the first stop on his book tour yesterday, on the "today" show. >> when it comes to a path to citizenship, all right, you fall short of that. you want legal residency, but -- and you want people to admit they've committed a crime by coming here illegally to pay back taxes and pay some fines, but not offer them a path to citizenship. if they do all the things you've asked of them, why not grant that right to become an american? >> because this proposal is a proposal that looks forward. and if we want to create an immigration policy that's going to work, we can't continue to make illegal immigration an easier path than legal immigration. >> that was a pretty big flip-flop from what jeb bush had to say just nine months ago. >> either a path to citizenship, which i would support, and that does put me, probably out of the mainstream of most conservatives, or a path to legalization. a path to residency, of some kind. >> jeb bush quickly got tangled up by the media in yesterday's flip-flop, and began
in the land. first nominated to the d.c. your yut court in 2011, and graduate of princeton and georgetown law has been waiting for an up or down vote for 720 days. every republican senator, except for one, lisa murkowski voted to block her nomination. president obama made his displeasure known. quote, "i am deeply disappointed that despite support from a majority of the u.s. senate, minority of senators continues to block the nomination of katilyn halligan. today's vote continues. the white house also released statistics showing the difference in average wait times between president obama's district court nominees and those of his predecessor. the obstruction pushed democrats, including dick durbin to rethink the decision to not overhaul the filibuster process at the start of this term zoosh i feel sorry for her. i hate to suggest this, but if this is an indication of where we're headed, we need to revisit the reforms. i'm sorry to say it because i was hopeful that a bipart sflan approach to dealing with these issues would work. >> um, richard, who is going to get their paperwork handled firs
: >>> on terrorism, osama bin laden's son-in-law now chaptured, appeared in a new york city court. on women's rights, president obama this week renewing the violence against women act. and, on gun control. a major hurdle cleared when a senate panel approved a gun trafficking bill. the president is getting it done. and here's how you know he's winning. today, rnc chairman reince pri oh, priebus is getting on the right track. now it's time for president obama and his party to join us. >> no word if he actually said that one with a straight face. and then there's gop water boy marco rubio. the party savior. his big, new idea today. shut down the government unless the president's health care law is completely defunded and repealed. what an idea. give that man another round of polo spring. but the right wing media is trying to attack over white house tours? >> look, mr. president, if you can't keep the white house open, let me try. >> listen, this isn't trying to up stage a president. this isn't playing a game. he's playing the political game by saying i'm closing the white house. >> they're worried abou
, another important one, which deadline and why is he missing it? that's next. and the bin laden son-in-law makes the first appearance in a federal are courtroom and g.o.p. blame the obama administration for making our nation less safe. and photos of governor chris christie you've never seen before. the photos will stun you, if nothing else. stick around and see the pictures. it's well worth it. this is b. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ all aboard. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get
saying, that there are no geographic limitations. they also, then, say that the laws of war apply. the laws of war basically mean that you don't get due process. and i can understand that in a battlefield. i'm not for reading miranda rights to people that are shooting at us. if you're an opposing soldier, you shoot at me, we kill you. there is no miranda rights. nears no jury, no trials, no due process. but they say america is the battlefield. that's a huge mistake. and i think most americans would disagree with them if they knew the implications. >> john brennan whose nomination to lead the cia was temporarily blocked by rand's filibuster was confirmed yesterday by a senate vote of 63-34. in fact, both mccain and graham voted to support brennan with graham calling it, quote, a referendum on the drone program, adding that before the filibuster, he had planned on voting no. that infuriated supporters of rand paul who launched an online movement with the hash tag primarygraham. they hammered him for dining in a d.c. restaurant while at the same time paul was questioning the administ
the laws can remain but cannot obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship. to do otherwise would signal once again that people who circumvent the system can still obtain the full benefit of american citizenship. let's see what he told chuck todd. let's listen to it. >> remember this is a proposal we attempted to put out prior to the election to create a consensus for conservatives to get in the game. because in november, prior to the election, we weren't even in the game. >> so you think it's possible that the path to citizenship may be included in the eventual bill and are you going to be okay with that? >> look. i think we need comprehensive reform. if there is a path to citizenship that has enough of a realization that we have to respect the rule of law -- >> so you pay real fines -- >> and a longer period of time. >> you know, my problem with the bushes that i think in many ways as family people and citizens they're fine. but they charm you. they've always charmed us. george sr. is very likable. w. when he was running everybody thought he was okay. i thought he was okay. i didn't kn
. on the social issues front, abortion rights groups are pledging to challenge the most restrictive abortion law just passed in arc sauce. and in michigan, a judge says he won't rule on whether that state's ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional until he seeing what the supreme court does on two pending cases. all of it begging the question, is it still really all about the economy as we head into 2014? joining me from washington, democratic strategist and president of american bridge 21st century, and msnbc contributor and former adviser to president bush robert traynham. good to see both of you. so rodle, in a lot of individual races could anything and everything from abortion to gale marriage, to some of these issues actually make a difference in individual races? >> well, listen, i think as of right now still still going to be the economy, but what we found through time is that the better the economy gets, the most likely that some of these social issues that people are actually willing to look at these social issues as factors of who they're going to vote for. >> robert, if we learned o
with another plan, right? >> well, we'll have to see, victor. you know, the president signed this into law, essentially, he executed this order last night at 8:30 p.m. this is it right here. and omb, the office of management and budget sent over an 83-page letter to the speaker of the house, john boehner, detailing, line by line, where all of these cuts are going to be going into effect over the next several weeks, over the next several months, depending on which department of the federal government you're talking about. and you can just look at the numbers, they're pretty staggering. $289 million for the centers for disease control. nearly $1 billion for fema, $3 billion to $4 billion for operations and maintenance for the navy, the army, the air force, and then the list goes on and on. and so that's why the president, in his weekly radio address, is saying, essentially, to the leaders of congress, hey, let's get back to the bargaining table. let's work out some kind of deal to make these cuts go away. here's what he had to say. >> i still believe we can and must replace these cuts with a
. the national employment law project actually warns that the budget cut will have a ripple effect, also impacting funding for state agencies and potentially making it harder for people to get help finding jobs or to have their claims processed when they are looking for every dollar. brianna? >> are there concerns about the economy in general, just the bigger economy and the impact this will have? >> you know, as you know, it depends on who you ask about this. we talked to a couple of economists. one said, look, anything that makes it more difficult for people to who have been unemployed for a long time to get back in the job market, that's not going help the economy at all. however, we talked with another economist who says these mandatory budget cuts are part of the solution to finding how you cure these long-term budget problems. listen in. >> i think to solve the deficit problem, everyone's going to have to get their ox aboard to an extend. these extended unemployment benefits are a subsidy. we need to cut all subsidies in the federal government, frankly, if we're going to get this d
laws of the united states for the president to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the united states. well now that should make every citizen guaranteed due process by the constitution feel safe. let's bring in aclu senior legislative counsel christopher anders and raha wala, advocacy counsel in the law and security program at human rights first. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. christopher, how string is it when i have someone from the aclu on to support the actions of senator rand paul who is quoteing groan greenwald charles pierce on the senate floor. >> i think what's really key here is that this issue has been around for a couple of years but the senate over the last couple of weeks, they have focused in on this very broad claims the president has made that he can order the killing of people far from any battlefield including the united states citizens. and what senator paul asked is a very simple question. it was do you mr. president believe you have the authority to kill american citizens use a drone to kill american citizens on today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and make your business dream a reality. he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness
at one point, justice antonin scalia said the law, once a civil rights landmark, now amounted to, quote, a per pep weighs of racial entitlement. and that remark created the sharpest ex-ching of the morning with justice sonia sotomayor on the other end. quote, do you think the right to vote is a racial entitlement? she later asked the lawyer challenging the law with an edge in her voice that left little doubt she was responding to justice scalia's statement. "do you think that racial discrimination in voting has ended, there there is none anywhere?" i'd like to be able to watch the exchange on my tv or ipad. when going through the confirmation in 2009, societoma said i like the idea. when i've been asked to join experiments of using cameras in the courtroom, i have volunteered. telling charlie rose, quote, i don't think most viewers take the time to actually delve into either the briefs or the legal arguments to appreciate what the court is doing, she said. they speculate about oh, the judge favors this point rather than that point. very few of them understand what the process is,
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in affidavit submitted in the court of law. now, could this be inaccurate information about what they served in their affidavit? yes. we quote fbi affidavits in which they give the reasons why they're -- the daily caller, if i understand what they're reporting this morning, says that they don't believe this is a woman because it's not the same name as the woman that was the name that was given to them and that the age is different, that the woman that they talked to said she was 24, not 23. >> the fbi says it found no evidence to back up the allegations against the senator. thanks for your reporting and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> absolutely. coming next, the living role of gun violence, why nonfatal shootings often leave the most lingering imprints. plus, not one but possibly two more sinkholes pop up in florida. details ahead in the news now. first, we'll bring you today's producer pacific, braus to us by seven burn. this isn't your typical interview. meal la kumis find the link on any pain page. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i l
was shot to call for tougher gun laws. >>> good day from a snowy washington, i'm chris cillizza in for andrea mitchell. the storm that dumped half a foot or more of snow in the midwest is also hitting the east coast. the storm has forced school closures, flight cancellations, and even prompted congress to change its schedule, moving up today's budget vote. this is how it looks in washington right now, where so far the areas outside of the capitol beltway are seeing the worst of it. weather channel's jim cantore joins me live now from washington. looks like capitol hill there, jim, what's the latest? >> it's hard to believe. there's 20 inches of snow 100 miles to my west on the ground. we've got 100,000 people in the state of virginia alone without power. that's because of the heavy wet snow and the wind, which you can see here pretty well. it's just kind of swaying these big trees around. that's really been the biggest issue. we've had bouts of rain, bouts of snow right here at the hill, but nothing that has at least hung around long enough to stick. you know, believe it or not,
. the scripture speak of peter's mother-in-law. you can't have a-mile-per-hour in law unless you are married, right? i think that many of the apostles, many priests for ceintureries lived a happily fulfilled priesthood. i think now the church has spiritualized the celibacy promise or discipline by saying that a man must be married to the church. i never really bought that. i don't think that god calls human beings to marry institutions. god created male and female and us to form family and have is this blessing of being able to experience human love with the person that we choose to love. >> you know, in craig's piece we noted that the majority of catholics now in the new pontiff was in favor of married priests are willing to go along with the pope but any they want the pope to make that call. how do you respond to that finding that the pugh is survey? >> that is very interesting. first of all, i found the numbers in the survey to be extremely conservative. i heard of 75% or more of roman catholics saying they want their priests to marry. as a matter of fact, every day since i did marry and
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this last year -- going forward, if there is a difference, if you can craft that in law where you can have a path to citizenship where there isn't an incentive for people to come illegally, i'm all for it. i don't see how you do it, but i'm not smart enough to figure out every aspect of a really complex law. but i think the premise should be -- this should be a forward leaning immigration reform. what's it going to look like five years after you pass the law? you want aspiring immigrants to come to rebuild our demographic base. you want people to come that have skills that can make a difference to jump start our economy. and you don't want a repeat of the last 30 years where you have people coming in illegally or waiting in line. >> you talk about this -- we started campaigning together in 1994. you started warning republicans back in 1994 of the growing number of hispanics that were going to get out there. >> a good thing, by the way. >> yeah, a very good thing. but my gosh, 16, 17, 18 years later after you were issuing those warnings we got beaten because we did so poorly with hispanic v
-gun measures a felony in pennsylvania. mr. metcalf said he wants to make gun laws to make it unapproachable from the government tyranny. the wtf-ness of metcalf gets more wtfy. he said we'll never allow the left to benefit from the wicked acts of murders to enhance their gun grabbing agenda. but he seems perfectly allowing mass murderers to amass their gun agendas and when they have a gun it often results in mass murders. wtf, pennsylvania. our nation was founded in you're fine state. you're a great state. you produced rocky and fired rick santorum. philadelphia was where our constitution was form. now mr. metcalf wants to pass an unconstitutional law. >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." we asked our viewers to comment via twitter or facebook on the sequester, and john scott g posted this on my facebook page. the democrats are to blame for thinking that sanity and common sense would prevail in congress. i agree john scott that was pretty insane thing for democrats to think. that's like expecting the joker to be let out of arkham asylum for good behavior, and yes in answer to your question
for stew. -- forced dues. that is where the thing in legal contract law that says each side has to get something and give something up to have a valid contract. in this case the woers are getting or the union is getting 10 years of forced dues and the only thing the workers are getting is a privilege to pay those dues until 2023. neil: we should explain the right to work, you as a right of the employee of the state whether you want to be in a union or not. if you're the union he said such a good deal because we will get better pay packages and the like, to be an honor to stay with them, you won't bat an eyelash at it. the people are concerned they will look at this coming to the quick conclusion isn't worth the money or the aggravation, and that is why they're doing this, right? >> the union is worry once workers are given a choice, that is all writes to work is, gives a choice whether to pay the union and still keep their job the unions worry once you have that choice they will say forget it, you are not doing a good job and i don't want to pay you. a lot of them say they look at the
gingrich who was his own contributor and his boss' son-in-law. i think you're dealing with somebody who is unfiltered, refreshingly, politically incorrect to be in politics. i think it's going to be an interesting book. it gives you a good behind-the-scenes look at media and some of the political world and parts of it i found endearing. why is he doing this? i i don't know roger ailes but it is endearing to me that somebody who is 72 and looking at his mortality regrets his 10-year-old son grow up. >> he does say i'm a good journalist. >> he is an equal opportunity critiquer. >> he's blunt and a very, very smart guy. he's done an amazing job over at fox news. nobody can deny that. he said i wear a 42 short as far as my suit is concerned. it's a 42 regular. just want to be precise on that. but he is a very smart guy. quick thought from -- >> and good being looking suits they are, wolf. >> thank you. quick thought from you, anna, first, and then van. what's going on with cpac, this conservative political action conference. they invite donald trump but they don't invite chris christie. wha
like the health care law and financial regulations. just the stuff they don't like. it's like kids pulling out the vegetables they don't like. >> hiding the carrots -- >> stephanie: right. i used to throw the peas under the bench that i sat on. >> obama: it is an area of deep concern. i think everybody knows where i stand on this issue. we're going to manage it the best we can to try to minimize the effects on american families. >> stephanie: and then homeland security secretary. >> we are already seeing the big airports for example. some had very long lines. >> stephanie: like you were saying, there is going to be inconvenience -- [ screaming ] >> what is happening? i'm personally being inconvenienced! this is serious now. >> stephanie: and there is shocking there may be delays at lax. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> if i even start talking about airports i will never leave this room. because the anger in me -- if i had a little vodka in me i would pull a rock star violence on this studio. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and there's really no airports where i go -- sometimes
? >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law was in there and he's underneath the house. >> okay. hold on one second. let me connect you with ems. >> okay. >> that was the 911 call made to police early friday morning. witnesses say they heard a deafening sound and then a sink hole opened up under jeff bush's bedroom. his brother tried to save him but was unsuccessful. and jeremy broke down in tears as he spoke to anderson cooper last night. >> i'm so sorry for what you're going through. and -- what happens now? i mean -- where are -- >> there's a picture of my brother right there. there's a picture of my brother right there. the man i love. the guy i always -- he's my brother, man. he was everything to me. that's him. >> officials say the sink hole is still expanding and could eventually take the whole house with it. >>> overseas now, hugo chavez is fighting for his life according to his vice president who says chavez is being treated at a military hospital in caracas. chavez recently returned to venezuela after undergoing cancer treatment in cuba. his health kept him from attend
with each other, five sons, five daughters in law and 20 grandchildren -- >> isn't it tough when suddenly the secret service -- >> it is different, but riding on a rollercoaster. we were on a rollercoaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs but the ride ends and you get off and it is not like, can't we be on a rollercoaster the rest of our lives? no, the ride is over. >> chris: let me ask you about the months from november until now. were there tears? >> for me, yeah. i cried. when you pour that much of your life and energy and passion into something, and you are disappointed by the outcome it is bad. it is very hard. >> chris: governor, second-guessing? anger? depression? >> no. you look back at the campaign and say, okay. what did the president do well and you acknowledge his campaign did a number of things, very effectively and of course you rehearse all the mistakes you made and i went through a number of my mistakes and you think of the things out of our control but you move on. i mean, i don't spend my life looking back, it is like, okay, what will we do next. >> chris: we began
to be reaching out to minorities in its fight against new gun laws. or proposed new gun laws. the features the first of what the site says will be a series of diverse commentators that will be making their voices heard. >> the only person responsible for your safety is you. cops can't always be there. obama definitely can't be there. this isn't a black or white, democrat or republican issue. this is common sense. this is self prezation. it's about natural rights. >> joining me now, columnist and author earl ofari hutchinson. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> you have the hip hop music, he's a youtube personality, there's another ad with a rapper, as well here. but the nra appears to be trying to bring in african-americans or at least to their membership. i don't have the total number here but what we have as far as numbers is african-americans have the highest deaths of firearm deaths. teens five times as a white peer to be killed by a firearm. how does the nra counter those numbers? >> well, really, they can't. however, doesn't stop them to trying. politics and i
rhetoric, there's that classic law and order, right? he was just saying those people will come here. well, if we create a magnet. >> the magnet. the reintroduction of the magnet -- >> that is an old -- >> when does self-deport come up? >> let me tell you, it's interesting, the romney people are furious because they feel like jeb attacked him for his position throughout the cycle, and now is he in the same position. >> just a quick reality check. jeb bush met his wife in mexico. she is mexican. his children are technically latino. they are referred to by his father as the little brown ones once. i mean, this issue has people talking about this as if they have no personal relationship to it. for him to do anything other than be an advocate of robust and fairly open immigration is absurd and hypocritical. >> this, sam, goes to the fundamental problem here. there is a difference between actually legislating as a republican in office as a governor i'll say and actually running for office, which is to get through that primary season, you have got to tack further and further and further, and wha
to americans unless they're enemy combatants. it's worthy of a law with that kind after decision. we don't want to give anybody power to kill an american citizen without due process of law. >> greta: are you surprised that the senators have rallied up to help him out. senator rubio, senator barrasso, senator widen, a democrat, and a body of a hundred senators. >> well, i think more will come in and i think courage ultimately attracts others, and i think that rand paul is showing a level of courage that's historic and that will be remembered for a long time. i mean, if you're a civil libertarian liberal or if you're a constitutionalist conservative, both wings have to be proud of rand paul standing up for the constitutional rights. >> greta: who likes these drones, giving the president power without any sort of a check or any sort of an authority. there's some question we'll discuss it later where it says, he talks about imminent. an imminent being defined very broadly. >> the imminent tool is nonsense. if you read carefully what the white house spokesman said, there are no practical rules here
in law and 20 grand children. that is our life. that is who we are. >> chris: but is it tough when suddenly the secret service? >> it is different but it is like riding on a rollercoaster. exciting and thrilling ups and downs but then the ride ends and we get off. can't we be on a rollercoaster the rest of our lives? it is like no, the ride is over. >> chris: let me ask you about the months from november until now. were there tears? >> oh, for me, yeah. i cried. when you pour that much of your life and energy and passion into something and you are disappointed by the outcome it is very -- it is sad. it is very hard. >> chris: governor, second is greg? anger? depression? >> no, you look back at campaign and say what did the president do well and you acknowledge that h his campaign did a number of things very effectively. of course, you rehearse all of the mistakes that you you made. and i went through a number of my mistakes i'm sure and then you think about the things that were out of our control. but you move on. i mean i don't spend my life looking back. it is like okay, what are
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